Magic Pool Cleaners

Easy and cost-effective cleaning solution
for most types of pools, including round vinyl 

The Splasher pool cleaning machine offers quality pool cleaning power. Tested under some of the harshest pool conditions, the Splasher has proved itself in cleaning a wide range of debris from an even wider range of pools. Whether your pool is made of fibreglass, tiles or cement, the Splasher is the ideal cleaning solutions. Round vinyl pools will also benefit.

With a design that includes only one moving and replacable part, the Splasher is easy and cost-effective to maintain. But the benefits do not end there.


  • Automatic cleaning power to remove debris, dirt, twigs, sand, leaves and even pebbles
  • Only one operational moving part
  • Finned disk for maximum adhesion to various types of pool finishes
  • Deflector wheel maneuvers Splasher out of tight corners and around steps to promote total cleaning coverage.
  • No tools required to install, operate or maintain the machine
  • Can be installed without any alteration to your pool