Magic Pool Cleaners

Cutting-edge pool cleaner with artificial intelligence

  • The Zodiac Baracuda MX8 is a hardworking Magic Pool Cleaner that knows how to beat tough dirt. It implements the latest technology making it an advanced robot that will keep your pool clean no matter what. With inbuilt sensors and high-performance suction power, this pool cleaning machine works faster and more aggressively than any other cleaner in its class.

  • Highly intelligent and super rugged, MX8 is ready to clean any pool, anywhere. No challenge is too big.

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  • Technology employed by the Baracuda MX8

  • X-Drive Technology  - allows the cleaner to analyse its environment so it can navigate effortlessly through the water. Ensures that it cleans the pool floor and walls with equal efficacy.

  • Flex Power Turbine – helps to propel the MX8 forward to clean the pool with speed and efficiency. With maximum torque the MX8 works its way around any pool without problem, whilst optimising its energy usage.

  • X-Trax – is the MX8’s intelligent wheel system. It allows the pool cleaner to work in pools of any size and shape. With the ability to navigate tight spaces and corners, the MX8 scores top marks for adaptability.

  • Cyclonic Suction – gives the MX8 a wider cleaning path and more cleaning power. With the ability to remove large amounts of debris the MX8 is a cleaning machine of epic proportions.

Watch the video below to see the advanced Zodiac Baracuda MX8 at work.