Magic Pool Cleaners

Redefining pool maintenance

New to the Middle East -
fully automatic, hands-free pool cleaners

Enjoy a sparkling clean pool whenever you or your guests want to take a dip. Magic Pool Cleaners take the hassle out of pool maintenance. Watch as your pool literally cleans itself. Magic Pool Cleaners are hi-tech, automatic cleaning machines that pick up dirt from your pool bed without the need for human assistance.

Swimming pools in the Middle East are often hard to manage. Sand storms drop debris in pools every day, which means your pool has to be serviced regularly. With Magic Pool Cleaners you can cut back on service costs. These automatic cleaning machines have enough suction power to remove dirt, sand, debris, twigs, bugs and leaves. Simply connect it to your pump and place it in the pool. Whenever the pump is running your Magic Pool Cleaner will work to clean your pool.

Whether it is a pool at home, a hotel resort or school, Magic Pool Cleaners are the perfect partners to keep your pool ready for action.

Enjoy the amazing benefits

  • Ideal for residential and commercial pools
  • Fully automatic. No manual labour required.
  • Run your Magic Pool Cleaner overnight so you have a clean pool ready for use in the morning
  • Cut back on pool maintenance costs

Discover the ideal Magic Pool Cleaner now

Splasher: Easy-maintenance pool cleaner for a wide range of pools including fibreglass, tiles, cement and round vinyl.

Watch this video to see how Magic Pool Cleaners clean a pool without human assistance.